Who Knew? National Monopoly (Online) Day

This holiday works out perfectly for us this year since November 19 is a Sunday. Thanks to the glories of the Internet, my son in NYC, my 100-year-old mom and I can play monopoly using Facetime and iPad Monopoly apps. Usually my son wins but that’s ok. It’s a chance for my mom to see and interact with him since she can’t travel anymore.

We listen to music, chat and have a general good time – no matter who wins!

Get ready to roll the dice and build your empire because National Play Monopoly Day is coming up on November 19th! This isn’t just any day; it’s a celebration of the iconic game that’s been captivating players for over a century.

The Fascinating Backstory of National Play Monopoly Day

Way back in 1903, Lizzie Magie from the U.S. crafted “The Landlord’s Game,” a precursor to what we now know as Monopoly. Her vision was to show the upsides of an economy that values wealth creation over monopolistic power plays. Fast forward to 1935, and Parker Brothers brought Monopoly to the masses, minus the original’s capitalistic taxation twist.

But here’s where it gets really cool: During WWII, the British Secret Service turned Monopoly into a tool for war. They had Jack Waddington Ltd, the manufacturer, sneak in escape tools like maps, currencies, and compasses for POWs held by the Nazis. Talk about a game changer!

When Hasbro took over in 1991, the Monopoly universe expanded with countless new editions. Picture this: in 2003, Hasbro even hosted a Monopoly championship on a train chugging from Chicago to Atlantic City!

Epic Ways to Celebrate National Play Monopoly Day

  1. Monopoly Marathon: Gather your crew and dive into a Monopoly marathon. Whether you’re wheeling and dealing in the classic version or exploring one of the 300+ unique editions, fun is guaranteed.
  2. Social Media Shoutout: Spread the word! Many Monopoly fans don’t even know this day exists. Post, tweet, and share to get everyone on board.
  3. Neighborhood Championship: Why not go big? Host a Monopoly tournament in your community. Prizes, bragging rights, and endless fun—what more could you want?

5 Mind-Blowing Monopoly Facts

  1. Worldwide Wonder: Monopoly has a global presence, with versions in 37 languages and availability in over 130 countries.
  2. Homemade Origins: The first Monopoly game was a DIY project, crafted with simple materials like oilcloth and scraps.
  3. Inspired by Nieces: Those iconic pieces? Thank Charles Darrow’s nieces for the iron, race car, and others.
  4. Marathon Gaming: The longest Monopoly game ever lasted a whopping 70 days. Talk about dedication!
  5. 300+ Editions: From classic to quirky, Monopoly boasts over 300 versions, including a Braille edition.

Why We Adore National Play Monopoly Day

  • A Tribute to a Classic: National Play Monopoly Day is the perfect time to celebrate this global gaming phenomenon.
  • Brain Booster: Sharpen your math and strategy skills while having a blast.
  • Party and Travel Buddy: Monopoly is the go-to game for parties and long journeys, making time fly with laughter and competition.

So mark your calendars, rally your friends and family, and get ready to claim your spot as the Monopoly mogul this November 19th! 🎲🏠💰🎉

Adapted from https://nationaltoday.com/national-play-monopoly-day/

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